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What are the main Differences between Commercial and Domestic cleaning?

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What are the main Differences between Commercial and Domestic cleaning?

The main differences between commercial and domestic cleaning can be broken down into (4) specific topics, and they are: the amount of space being cleaned, the amount of people required to get the job done, the equipment needed, and the training involved. Although both types of cleaning are different, they both serve a very important role which shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s begin by talking about the most obvious reason why both commercial and domestic cleaning are different, and this is the amount of space being cleaned.
We all know domestic cleaning is no easy task, especially if we are cleaning for a big family with kids involved. It may even take the whole day to get the home nice and tidy, however, commercial cleaning may not only require an all-day activity, but also an everyday routine just to maintain one area clean. Commercial cleaning provides cleaning services for businesses like offices, hotels, retail stores, and/or buildings, which is why the amount of space being cleaned is of a much greater scale than domestic cleaning. Because of this, the amount of people involved in getting the job done will vary.

If we think about a hotel, for example, we can imagine just the number of corners, stairs, carpets, counter tops, and bathrooms that will require a team of people to get cleaned up adequately. Now, it’s not only the amount of people but also the equipment needed. The tools needed to do commercial cleaning is of an industrial grade such as huge vacuums, floor sanitizers, pressure washing machines, steam cleaners and so on. Upscale equipment also means upscale training.

You always want to make sure that whoever is involved in getting the business looking its best, is trained in such a way that they can maneuver the equipment correctly and safely. InnoKlean Commercial Cleaning Contractor provides this kind of training to their teams, so they can ensure the safety and quality of their cleaning in your business.

Covering areas such as Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Palm City, Fort Pierce, and Vero Beach, InnoKlean will perform routine care, preventative disinfecting and sanitation that will ensure the health and hygiene of those in your business.e

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