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West Palm Beach Post-Construction Cleaning

When a commercial business finishes post-construction, there’s an air of celebrations. Everything looks well-done, all aspects of the job finished. But if there’s no post-construction cleaning to commence, then the most important job is not done. With post-construction cleaning in your West Palm business, there’s a potent boost that your West Palm business can accrue for post-construction and final inspections.


Why Is West Palm Post-Construction Cleaning So Important?

Post-construction cleaning in West Palm can really heighten the sense of luxury within a new housing or business complex. This is enormously boosted by the West Palm Beach living standard and the leisurely expectation that comes with living and working in West Palm Beach.

So, how do we expand that expectation for West Palm post-construction cleaning? First we need to address the problems with the construction phase:

  • Drywall needs to be trimmed to fit the space, to hug corners, etc. As this is being done, it turns into a fine dust.
  • Air conditioning requires the use of ductwork and with ductwork, comes lots and lots of fiberglass. This is possibly the worst section of cleanup exclusively due to the skin irritation the tiny cuts fiberglass can make.
  • Carpentry shares many of the same issues as drywall. With cutting wood, sawdust and splinters can easily create a nasty combination.
  • Painting and its messiness need not be explained.


This is exacerbated even further when you consider who is cleaning up if you don’t hire a post-construction cleaning service. Those who hang the drywall, connect the ductwork, and paint the walls are there for the job specific to their expertise. They may be expected to clean up after themselves, but even if they do so, the job is nowhere near the necessary quality that a true commercial post-construction cleaning service can provide you.


Why InnoKlean Is the Way to Go for your West Palm Post-Construction 

InnoKlean can accomplish this. If you go to a web developer expecting magnificent and efficient results and the website is riddled with spelling errors, copy and paste formatting, and broken links, will you feel like you’ve accomplished your final goal? Like post-construction cleaning, you want the deep clean. You want to shore up all the dust, grime, paint and meet West Palm inspection regulations with COVID-19 disinfecting cleaning before you’re ready to present.

Nothing can catch the eye of a potential client like the look and cleanliness of the building. It contributes heavily to the perception of how well taken care of the project was during construction, especially in West Palm Beach. Let us use our expertise, know-how, and equipment to take your project from “finished” to perfection.

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