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Schools in Tampa and Hillsborough County Need Professional Disinfecting Services Now More Than Ever

Tampa Schools Disinfecting Services
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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Makes Back-to-School Season Cleaning Services a Must Have

In the wake of the viral disease COVID-19, schools and universities in Tampa, Hillsborough, and the area near you are opening back up. There are many cleaning solutions, tips, and tricks to keep them safe, but the main priority should be disinfecting and deep cleaning.

Without a professional commercial cleaning and disinfecting service, the various crevices will go unseen in a school or university environment, especially schools as large as those found in Tampa and it’s suburbs.

With the sheer number of students, teachers, and faculty, the number of surfaces touched every minute, and the limited answers for stopping Corona, it’s the most important time to look toward those who know how to disinfect and clean. This isn’t a job for the janitorial staff at your school.

Universities and Schools Aren’t Clean Enough, …Yet

Students are already getting infected at an alarming rate and the school year has just begun.

According to The New York Times 60% of schools across the country (including universities) are planning to re-open. That’s millions of kids and young adults that need the protection of a full school sweep of the disinfectant services that can be provided by the professionals.

Already 6,600 students have been infected with COVID prior to even the school year beginning. And it’s not just affecting the most populated universities either, like Harvard and Northwestern. According to, of the ten leading universities for positive Corona tests, three exist in Florida. Worse yet, it’s occurring in our backyard. The University of South Florida has already received 182 positive cases, and the fall semester has yet to commence.

This is all before the school year/fall semester has even begun. Now is the most opportune time to prepare. There are still many unknown positive cases and with hundreds in the case of public schools and thousands in the case of universities, caution should not be thrown to the wind.

The Solution to Cleaning Schools Prior to Opening

This doesn’t mean we need to panic. There’s many solutions. The CDC recommends washing hands frequently, wearing masks over both the mouth and nose, maintaining 6 feet distance (something already being implemented by many school board employees), etc.

But the one true solution is to hire a professional cleaning crew. A deep disinfect cleaning will benefit both the reputation of the school and simultaneously benefit the health of employees and students along with attendance rate. Making this a routine throughout the months in which Coronavirus is still present also needs to be an injunction. It’s important to make sure everything from carpets to lockers to hallways to bathrooms to even dorms consistently keeps clean and disinfected.

InnoKlean is a cleaning and janitorial service that fits the bill. With experience in cleaning multiple schools and facilities across both the west and east coast of Florida.

Disinfecting to prepare for COVID-19 as well as post-class clean-up and next day preparation is something we do well. Commercial being our specialty, we have the expertise in the uniqueness that comes with the environment of a school building.

This addresses another point, professionalism is important in customer service, but there’s also professionalism needed in knowledge. The ability to diagnose, work with the clientele, and provide the best cleaning, disinfecting, and janitorial service on both Florida coasts.

Contact InnoKlean and let us help you provide a safe and disinfected environment for your local schools, colleges, universities, and educational campuses.


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