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How Schools, Sanitation, and Cleanliness Can Go Hand in Hand

School Cleaning
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In the wake of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Florida has been given the recent news that will greatly affect the re-opening of schools, colleges, and universities. The best way to handle this new information is to take a step back, consider our options, and most importantly learn. Both the parents and faculty need to be informed as much as possible on the precautions and resolutions that can come from understanding how cleanliness before and during the school year can lower the risk of Coronavirus.

How unclean can schools, universities, and childcare centers become?

To answer the above question, “very.”

According to a survey among schools across Scotland ( 138 responders (of nearly 300) were worried about how clean their schools are, with at least 100 responses using the words “filthy” or “disgusting” to describe the cleanliness of their classrooms. With COVID19 debuting since the study, the cause for concern is all the more present.

Across the pond, here in the US, The Edvocate has said that 1 in 3 students will not allow their children to ride the bus and a further 50% will pack their child’s lunch due to the unsanitary conditions of cafeterias.

What are the benefits of a clean school?

The average person may be able to viably understand the surface issues that benefit a clean school. Everything from less sick days for both students and teachers to developing good habits within the students themselves. By much like our cleaning service, it goes beyond the surface.

A clean school frees students from distraction, allows equipment to operate at maximized level, and creates a sense of trust and pride in the faculty.

A student without distraction is a productive student. With the ability to focus, schools get higher grades, students can attend class more, and teachers, in particular, will not have to disrupt routine and learning trajectories every time they call out sick. With the COVID19, the risk is evermore more present.

The equipment itself is also a big factor. Taking a break from Coronavirus, modern schools have many forms of learning, and as technology grows, the necessity to provide healthy machinery is ever present. However, the equipment is often relegated to dust and moisture corrosion when left unattended. We provide services that will free the area of harmful materials to equipment, saving money in the long run.

With the spread of Coronavirus, especially in Florida schools, morale can get low. Having a cleaning service protect the school enables trust from the student’s families to the faculty. It can develop a sense of pride within the school knowing that even through tough times, they are protected and cared for.

Taking the necessary steps to ensure a clean and safe school environment.

So where does this leave us? Florida has the 3rd highest number of Coronavirus cases in the country, though all hope is not lost. There are easy, cost-effective cleaning solutions to providing a safer environment in a school setting. Cleaning services and their roles should be all the more present as well as precautions taught to the individual, even children.

A good start is teaching children to focus on washing hands when in contact with “touchpoints” or the most regularly used points of contact during the day, covering their faces for sneezes and coughs, and clearing said touchpoints like desks and tables every day to enable the best results from your cleaning services.

Lastly, the best precaution possible, and the one that will most help with the cleanliness of schools, is to consistently and constantly clean and disinfect, the classroom, halls, and offices of the school. With the easy spread of COVID19 in particular, the necessity for cleaning is evermore present.

Not only does InnoKlean have a rooted history in cleaning and sanitizing South Florida businesses, but many South Florida schools, colleges, universities, and other educational centers as well. The expertise, experience, and quality of our cleaning services can absolve many issues discussed in this very article. From knowledgeable employees to professional management and inspections, our weekly cleaning services are readily available to help schools and the surrounding community in a difficult time.

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