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Post-Construction Cleaning in Wellington, FL

Now that the construction project/house is furnished, painted, etc. you can finally take a step back and breathe a sigh of relief. You’re done. Except, there’s one job left to do and it may be the dirtiest job left, post-construction cleaning. Wellington Post construction cleaning services are often overlooked due to the said victory we feel when the project is finished. However, it may be the most important aspect of the job.

The Reality of Post Construction Cleaning

To address what’s necessary about cleaning services and Wellington, FL post-construction, we must first understand the dirt, dust, and grime that can accumulate throughout the process of  building a building:

  • Drywall needs to be trimmed to fit the space, to hug corners, etc. As this is being done, it turns into a fine dust.
  • Air conditioning requires the use of ductwork and with ductwork, comes lots and lots of fiberglass. This is possibly the worst section of cleanup exclusively due to the skin irritation the tiny cuts fiberglass can make.
  • Carpentry shares many of the same issues as drywall. With cutting wood, sawdust and splinters can easily create a nasty combination.
  • Painting and its messiness need not be explained.

And who’s the one that in general is cleaning up the mess in-between stages of construction? The crew themselves. This can be a problem in two ways. No one is forcing the painter or plumber to pick up after themselves and even if they do, are they going to do a cleaning job at the level of a professional cleaning post-construction service? This is a guaranteed no.

The Growth of Wellington Area

Interestingly enough, whether housing or commercial business, Wellington FL is growing at an exponential rate. Wellington is becoming one of the fastest-growing markets in Florida. 65,000 residents occupy the Wellington area. With population comes much housing and commercial industry.

So, what do we do with this information? Apply it to construction and apply it to cleaning services. With the ever-present growth of Florida and Wellington itself, there’s a need for post-construction, disinfecting, and commercial cleaning services.

Why a Commercial Cleaning Company Is the Way to Go for Wellington Post Construction Cleaning

Think of post-construction cleaning service the way you would a car cleaning service. If you’re going to sell your car, will a quick sweep and a wash do the trick? Will it make it look like it came off the lot? Likely not. The steps necessary to shine the exterior, clean the engine, shampoo the carpets can add hundreds to your potential selling price. With construction projects, the concept is identical. The building or home’s location, size, features, etc. will all play factors. But nothing can catch the eye of a potential client like the look and cleanliness of the building after being cleaned post-construction. It contributes heavily to the perception of how well taken care of the project was during construction, especially in the Wellington area.

InnoKlean can provide this service. Beyond knowledge and professionalism, we have the cleaning equipment necessary to add to the awe of the first walkthrough of potential home and business owners.

Let us use our expertise, know-how, and equipment to take your project from “finished” to perfection.

Call Innoklean’s Wellington FL Post Construction Cleaning Division and get the results you deserve!

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