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#1 Most Efficient Post-Construction Cleaning company in Port St. Lucie

Post Construction Cleaning Port St Lucie
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Why Use a Port St. Lucie Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Houses can get messy during construction – really messy. And the last thing a Port St. Lucie area realtor and the potential client want to see a housing project left in a dirty heap post-construction. So what are the options? You could have the crew clean up after their own mess. You can hire a cleaning service that doesn’t specialize in the post-construction cleaning. Or… you can call InnoKlean.


We specialize in the post-construction cleaning. Our thought process is to be the exclamation point to any housing project in Port St. Lucie. After the cabinets, carpet, plumbing, A/C, etc. is finished, no good contractor could or would just pack up and leave the house well enough alone. That would end the Port St. Lucie construction project on a question mark.



Think about how the climax is almost always unanimously seen as the most important part of any situation. To achieve this, there needs to be a thorough post-construction cleaning to be that climax. This leaves all housing, apartment, and condo construction projects with a professional presentation-ready showing.


In Port St. Lucie, it’s needed. Port St. Lucie is the 8th most populated city in one of the most populated states, with less than 100,000 residents away from a city the size of Tampa. And the housing market is on the rise despite COVID-19 attempting to slow it down. This includes the total inventory for single family homes in Port St. Lucie being only 3.9 months compared to the previous average of 4.5 months. Port St. Lucie is also growing in big government-developed projects, like the apartment complex construction in 2019.


With that, there’s more need than ever to provide that final touch for your Port St. Lucie showing or open house.


Housing Construction in Port St. Lucie Depends on Post Construction Cleaning



Beyond what was discussed above in detail about why it’s so important, it’s vital to remember that post-construction cleaning should be left to professionals. And when we say professionals, we do not mean those working during construction.

Think about it this way. Would you go to a mechanic to fix your engine and then be content if they were to clean your car? Would you trust them to even do it right or would you prefer a professional in that one area? This is what InnoKlean does.


We are professional specialists with the knowledge to clean a house that cannot be obtained from anyone else outside the business. An air conditioner installer may be able to install the A/C unit, but the likelihood they could do a thorough and professional post-construction cleaning is small.

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