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#1 Trusted Palm Beach Commercial Coronavirus Disinfecting Cleaning Services

Modern Technology and Eco-Friendly Solutions Used for Palm Beach Coronavirus Disinfecting Cleaning

InnoKlean is the Palm Beaches leading commercial Coronavirus disinfecting cleaning company. Our services surpass the competition in both technology and our proven EPA, commercial grade approved chemicals.

The contents of our solution separate us from the pack. It is Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic while maintaining top-tier disinfecting capabilities. Take comfort in knowing the solutions will get the job done and prevent the spread of disease. We take pride in the InnoKlean difference and we stand out as the leader in cleaning and providing Palm Beach commercial coronavirus disinfecting cleaning services.

InnoKlean is dedicated to providing the very best for our clients. We have provided commercial coronavirus disinfecting cleaning services for Covid-19 outbreaks all over Palm Beach County including West Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Loxahatchee, and Lake Worth. 

Due to the commercial industry re-opening in Palm Beach County, the need for commercial coronavirus disinfecting cleaning services are more than ever necessary. InnoKlean is ahead of the curb with new innovative clean eco-friendly solutions and up to date, knowledgeable staffing as well as the newest technology. One of our new and improved technologies is the Electrostatic Disinfecting Fogger, which provides efficiency and the highest level of disinfection.

For more details on our Electrostatic Disinfecting Fogger technology click here 

Handle Palm Beach County Coronavirus Using Our Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Coronavirus is a hazard for all businesses across Palm Beach County. Coronavirus can live up to 17 days on some surfaces. This can make it difficult for commercial businesses to contain Coronavirus.

InnoKlean is essential to keeping your business safe. We specialize in the disinfection of Covid-19, CoronaVirus. Trust InnoKlean to keep your staff, clients, and reputation intact. We follow OSHA standards to ensure quality and safety. Coronavirus is unprecedented and we are committed to staying up to date on the disease’s ongoing changes.

Our Palm Beach commercial disinfecting services process is and will continue to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Palm Beach County Covid-19 cases are on the rise, and local governments are doing everything they can daily to prevent the spread. With rising numbers daily and Florida in a state of emergency, Palm Beach County businesses have to be proactive. As a business owner in Palm Beach County, it is vital to perform commercial disinfecting and cleaning services for your business. Whether or not you think you have encountered an outbreak, it is important to think ahead and be prepared for all possible scenarios in your business.

We have helped numerous businesses in Palm Beach County get a head start on Covid-19 preparedness and have also disinfected many of those said businesses. We are proud to have provided Palm Beach commercial coronavirus disinfecting services to schools in Wellington and across Royal Palm Beach, numerous Plazas in Lake Worth, Outlets in Palm Beach Gardens, and many more. These are high traffic types of businesses that can raise the chances of contracting coronavirus.

InnoKlean understands your needs as a business owner and the urgency for disinfection services. Upon request of disinfection services, we will take care of the cleanup process, disinfecting all potential “hotspot” materials and dispose of any biohazard waste if the need arises. InnoKlean understands health is of the highest importance and we will keep you, your family, and your business safe with the utmost care during the disinfection process.

If you have reason to believe or suspect you may have had an outbreak in your business call us to help eradicate the disease before it causes any more damage. Palm Beach County has put protocols in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 such as mask mandates, social distancing protocols but in reality, we as business owners can only bend the universe to our will so much. We have to remain vigilant and take standard precautions for not only the business itself but for every patron of our business. 

Call your trusted Palm Beach Commercial Coronavirus Disinfecting Services and start protecting and preventing the spread of Covid 19  Today!   

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