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Disinfection & Sanitation Services


Maintain a clean facility by presenting an image of your business and create a healthy working environment for your customers and employees. Utilize InnoKlean’s disinfection and sanitation services as an essential part of your day to day operation of any type of business. Innoklean has state of the art technology, expertise and knowledge. We curate a plan of action for your sanitation needs. Innoklean found a formula that is biodegradable and contains  hospital grade virucides along with bactericides for a superior clean.  Our electrostatic fogging sanitation equipment not only makes your facilities look clean, it also makes your business a safer place to visit and work.



Nothing is more important than the prevention of a “Virus Outbreak” or a “Case Positive” in your place of work. InnoKlean makes preventive disinfection and sanitation part of our regular cleaning routine. This is based on your specific needs, type of facility, and amount of traffic. We customize your program accordingly. While cleaning your premises, InnoKlean will focus and concentrate on disinfecting the most commonly touched and visited areas of your facility at least 1 time per week (suggested), paying close attention to main entrances, reception areas, restrooms, cafeterias, hallways, common areas, conference rooms, classrooms, etc. InnoKlean focuses on light switches, door knobs, handles, surfaces, desks, telephones, etc. This is all while reinforcing sanitation with our electrostatic fogging sanitation system in those areas. Your company do in-house cleaning? Not a problem! We can reinforce with a weekly disinfection and preventive sanitation program, based on your specific needs.



If an outbreak occurs, InnoKlean is also here to help. Please contact us immediately and please act as fast as possible by following the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) their Guidelines are as follows:

• Evacuate premises immediately.

• Close and block off affected areas (areas where the sick person has mostly been).

• Open doors and windows of the affected areas to increase air circulation.

• Wait at least 24 hours before you start with cleaning and disinfection.

• Cleaning crew must be completely protected with masks, gloves, long sleeves gowns.

• Start by thoroughly cleaning and wiping with a strong hospital grade product the affected areas, all surfaces, desks, keyboard, telephones, door knobs, handles, light switches, and even walls.

• After all has been completely cleaned and disinfected, sanitize all area spraying biodegradable, hospital grade product using electrostatic fogging equipment to cover as much area as possible.

• Leave applied product sit still until completely transforms in to water and dries.

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