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Electrostatic Equipment Used by InnoKlean

The Importance of Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfecting

Picture this. You’ve called a cleaning service and asked for their business. The next day they show up with a mediocre vacuum, some window spray, and a rag. They sweep and clean in 30 minutes and leave. Would you find this to be effective and worth the cost? Odds are you won’t. They’re not taking advantage of the benefits of top equipment. InnoKlean uses the latest technology to combine speed and efficiency while not losing the accuracy and detail to your commercial cleaning project as well as infection control. We use disinfectant mist sprayer with electrostatic technology and cordless two-time charge.

What is electrostatic cleaning and disinfecting?

We use an electrostatic disinfectant mist sprayer. Electrostatics provides no mechanical cleaning action; rather, the electrostatic device is used to disinfect mechanically pre-cleaned surfaces. The process is to use the electrostatic applicator and give it a negative charge as it disperses from the nozzle. Because of said negative charge, the molecules will repel each other, but naturally, draw to the surface being sprayed.

Electrostatic Cleaning Service Speed & Efficiency

Due to this high tech, we can clean at speeds expected out of the quickest industry standard, as well as efficiency in coverage unattainable by lower level cleaning services.

In regards to cleaning speed and efficiency our professional disinfectant electrostatic mist sprayer can obtain the following specifications:

  • Touchless Application – The most efficient measure, we need not touch any surfaces thanks to the application of our disinfectant solution.
  • Easy Portability – To contribute to speed, we can move freely throughout the commercial space in order to apply the disinfectant solution. There’s no need for a plug and constantly switch the power.
  • Easy Operation – While the machines are still handled by carefully selected and knowledgeable cleaning professionals, the operations of our disinfectant mist sprayer are sufficient and easy to use, subtracting time from the project.

Read about how the cleaning and disinfectant electrostatic mist sprayer we use purged a County Hall from the Coronavirus in minutes.

Electrostatic Cleaning Service Accuracy & Detail

Also achievable with our level of cleaning equipment is the top degree of cleaning thoroughness that most cleaning services can’t provide. Coating an entire surface completely and filling in crevices out of reach of regular by-hand style cleaning services are what separates InnoKlean from the rest.

In regards to cleaning accuracy and detail professional disinfectant electrostatic mist sprayer can obtain the following specifications:

  • Consistent Liquid Coverage – Thanks to a 3-in-1 nozzle, coverage can be light, wide, or heavy. This allows us to adjust on the fly per room layout and difficult objects to clean or get around. The coverage will always be consistent even in hard to reach areas.
  • Reduced Cross Contamination – Unlike a rag, which will merely just displace the bacteria and contaminate any other surface it comes into contact with, our touchless cleaning and disinfectant mist sprayer spread an even coat without need to contact said surface.

Read about how our cleaning and disinfecting mist sprayer can make schools safer during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Use InnoKlean as Your Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

With a large number of options for cleaning and disinfectant services, you want to go to the most knowledgeable and best equipped options. We believe we are the answer.

To go along with our cleaning and disinfectant equipment, please visit our page to learn about our cleaning and disinfectant solution and how the two perfectly combine to give you the best cleaning service one could ask for.

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