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Davenport Trusted Disinfecting and Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning & Disinfecting in Davenport Florida area office
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Davenport Growth and the Need for Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Davenport and the surrounding areas (Lakeland, Winter Haven) are growing at an exponential rate. Growing 124% since the previous Census. With the huge growth comes more commercial offices, schools, construction projects, to even a minor league baseball team. With more commercial offices and schools in the Davenport area comes a need for disinfecting and cleaning services.

Amongst the dirt and grime that builds in everyday businesses in Davenport, there comes a need for cleaning services. From post-construction to commercial offices to schools, to any business you may be able to contemplate, the more there are people, the more the need for disinfecting and cleaning services.

What Separates InnoKlean Disinfecting and Cleaning Services from the Rest

Because the need for commercial cleaning services continues to grow in Davenport, many cleaning companies incapable of either handling the load or doing an inefficient job will start to sprout up.

InnoKlean has years servicing everywhere from the fastest growing County in Florida (St. Lucie) to one of its most populated in Tampa. We now serve the people of Davenport. The thoroughness, quickness, and efficiency of our disinfecting and cleaning service puts InnoKlean in the top tier of cleaning companies. So, how does InnoKlean keep up with the demand in an ever-growing city like Davenport?

Knowledgeable and Professional Staff

InnoKlean has always said that true professionalism comes from knowledge. Knowledge of techniques, tools, and customer service. Our team is unlike any present in the Davenport area cleaning services. They are well versed in the many morsels necessary to effectively control and disinfect the spread of germs, bacteria, and COVID19. They know where to clean, how to clean, and can clean faster than the competitors.

The Latest and Advanced Technology in the Commercial Cleaning Service Industry

We use an electrostatic disinfectant mist sprayer. Electrostatics provides no mechanical cleaning action; rather, the electrostatic device is used to disinfect mechanically pre-cleaned surfaces and avoid cross-contamination that would come from disinfecting and cleaning services who merely use a rag and spray. This allows a proficiency and efficiency unmatched by other disinfecting and cleaning services.

Read about how the cleaning and disinfectant electrostatic mist sprayer we use purged a County Hall from the Coronavirus in minutes.

Click here for more information on our Electrostatic Mist Sprayer.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Solutions

At InnoKlean, we want to craft an experience for the people of Davenport using the cleaning solutions that are most eco-friendly, non-toxic, and green.

Many people fret over the risk of killing germs and bacteria believing it can still be harmful to themselves. Our cleaning solution uses a mixture with literal thyme oil. So fret not, because it is listed as 25B Minimal Risk Pesticide and contains GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) molecule.

Click here for more information on our Eco-Friendly,Non-Toxic Solution.

Give InnoKlean a Call for Your Disinfecting and Commercial Cleaning Needs in Davenport

As previously said, we have experience and knowledge where it most counts. Quality and quantity. If your commercial business, post-construction project, etc. in the Davenport or surrounding area needs a disinfecting and cleaning service, contact us by phone or through our website’s home page.

Our mission is to deliver excellence in every aspect, for a healthy long term relationship with our customers.

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