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Commercial Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitation in Tampa and Orlando area

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Are you a business in Tampa and Orlando area? Are you taking precautionary preventatives in order to provide a clean environment for your employees and customers? 

Our service are specialized in commercial cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services. We help clean, sanitize and maintain commercial businesses such as restaurants, corporations, small to large businesses, bars, stadiums, large arenas, medical facilities, schools, dealership, and much more.

The Tampa and Orlando areas are known for their tourist attractions, and entertainment. Business owners must always be prepared to offer a clean and healthy environment for all.

As the whole world is undergoing major changes due to the global pandemic, we as business owners have to adapt to the way business is conducted.

Our product is tested and proven to help remove viruses such as Covid-19 and other harmful bacterias and corona viruses.

Let us help you conduct your business smoothly and have a peace of mind that your business is throughly disinfected and sanitized with our Innoklean services.

Why Innoklean Commercial Cleaning and Sanitation Services?

With over 30 years of commercial cleaning, disinfection and sanitation service experience Innokleans provides 3 key components to all of the Tampa and Orlando area businesses that makes us stand out from the competition:

  1. Service: Combined with our state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly products and determined highly trained staff, our service is impeccable and leaves all our clients happy and satisfied.
  2. Quality: With many awards and certification we stand behind our products ensuring the best quality service.
  3. Professionalism: Our highly trained staff is carefully selected and trained to provide a professional approach that builds long lasting relationships with all our clients. 

If you are a business owner in the Tampa and Orlando area and are in need of quality disinfection and sanitation along with commercial cleaning services call us for more information


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