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7 Important COVID-19 Facts About Orlando Back-to-School Season

7 talking points about covid-19 and back-to-school- season
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What Should Schools and Universities Ask Themselves During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The school year is no longer coming, it’s here. As it begins, there are many talking points to consider. The statistics are not the only things to consider.

Questions like:

“What are the requirements for attending class? How do said requirements affect me or my children?”

“Are there other options than face to face?”

“If I decide to choose face to face schooling, what precautions should I take? Should I do the bare minimum? Should I practice disinfecting techniques?”

From the standpoint of schools and universities and their staff questions are even more present. Shifting from one or two children to hundreds and thousands in which they are responsible.

Before we discuss the need to know information, we need to be aware and proactive in cleaning and taking care of our schools, staff, and students.

7 Must Know Talking Points About COVID-19 and Back-to-School Season

  1. There are three models for reopening schools. With traditional face to face teaching, students are required to wear protective face coverings, standard periods for junior and high school and start and end times to the day.
  2. The Florida State Department of Health recommends staying at home if showing symptoms. There’s also a list of symptoms included.
  3. PPE supplies have already been provided to many in Orange County public schools. Orange County is covering students and teachers in the event that masks, shields or other safety and cleaning materials are left at home.
  4. The Orlando area will not be having partitions for the students however. Despite the request from the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, the school board near Kissimmee and Orlando was gridlocked regarding the issue.
  5. Both Osceola and Lake County will join in three options for schooling. In person, virtual schooling, and a combination of the two.
  6. 1,885 children (aged 4 to 17) have tested positive for COVID in Orange County alone. This leaves an urgency to protect and disinfect schools as they begin to reopen.
  7. Roughly 37% of students will return to face to face schooling. The pressure was put in place to have the option of face to face, lest the schools lose funding.

Using the Stats to Justify Cleaning and Disinfectant Services

However, there’s no need to worry. There’s a multitude of cleaning and disinfecting solutions. The CDC recommends washing hands frequently, wearing masks over both the mouth and nose, maintaining 6 feet distance (something already being implemented by many school board employees), etc.

The best effort to be made is to rely on professional and commercial disinfecting crews. Beyond being safe in the current Coronavirus world, there are numerous benefits to the school staff and students themselves. Everything from better grades (by virtue of keeping students focused) to teaching responsibility and the importance of a clean thinking area to better attendance rate. All these things combined create better prestige and standing within the community. And much like applying repetition to a student’s lessons, cleaning need not be neglected after one occurrence in the Coronavirus environment.

InnoKlean is a commercial disinfecting and janitorial service that provides the above solution. With experience in cleaning and disinfecting multiple schools and facilities throughout central Florida everywhere from the big cities like Orlando to Kissimmee down to cities like Lake Mary, Clearmont, Celebration, and the whole of Orange and Osceola Counties.

There are few who have the capable insight that InnoKlean has. Beyond just labor, we have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and recommend particular services custom to the school.
Disinfecting to prepare for COVID-19 as well as post-class clean-up and next day preparation is something we do well. Commercial being our specialty, we have the expertise in the uniqueness that comes with the environment of a school building.

Contact InnoKlean and let us help you provide a safe and disinfected environment for your local schools, colleges, universities, and educational campuses.

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